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2019 Fantasy Fest Poster Signing

I designed the official 2019 Fantasy Fest poster and signed them at the official Fantasy Fest poster signing at Paradise Tattoo in Key West, Florida. The theme was "In Tune But Off Key".

Signing the official 2019 Fantasy Fest poster. Photo by Karrie Porter

Fantasy Fest staff pose with my poster, wearing Fantasy Fest shirts with my designs on them (except the girl in the light blue shirt), along with my body painted model Carmen Benitez sporting my Fantasy Fest poster design. Photo by Marky Pierson

LEFT: Key West local, Tammy Knott along with her iguana Twitch, embodied my 2019 Fantasy Fest poster art. MIDDLE: A Fantasy Fest fan holds up her signed 2019 Fantasy Fest poster.

RIGHT: Key West local, Karen O'Reilly made a hat with the elements of my 2019 Fantasy Fest poster art.

Model Carmen Benitez posed as my body painted 2019 Fantasy Fest poster.

Photo by Marky Pierson

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