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I love creating colorful art, illustrations, designs and images.


How did I get started? It's a long and dramatic story that could easily be turned into an EPIC trilogy. But here's the short "crazy" version...

I grew up in the Music City - Nashville, TN – with no musical talent.  Instead, I had a crazy amount of passion for art.  I cut out my favorite comic strips from the daily newspapers and begged my dad to take me to a five and dime store to buy a crazy amount of comic books.  It took a crazy amount of begging.  While in high school I drew a crazy amount of caricatures at the local theme park becoming their top artist.  All my money went to a crazy amount of art supplies while I studied graphic design and illustration at Memphis College of Art, and thus ate a crazy amount of ramen noodles (and Taco Bell and Little Debbie snack cakes).  After graduating I served as art director of a planetarium for two years while doing a crazy amount of freelance illustration work.  Taking my art in a crazy new direction, I began body painting as an art form, becoming one of the pioneers in the modern body painting arts movement.  Over 20 years later, I have now reinvented my illustration style, digitally.  I now live in Los Angeles creating a crazy amount of art on any subject that I consider fun.  I am constantly inspired by a crazy amount of things such as the Halloween season, cryptid creatures, 80's nostalgia (cartoons, action figures, retro video games and gum wrappers) to name just a few.  Oh, and I have won a crazy amount of awards.



My name is from the Bible.  Apparently he was a bad guy.

I once taught a caricature workshop in a funeral home.

I once took a potty at the Vatican.

I was rescued on a Caribbean island.  They gave me beer.

When I was a kid, I walked in on a burglar in my home.

I drew caricatures at Disney for 3 months.

I got married in the Redwood Forest.  You might know it as the Moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi.

I took over Depeche Mode's facebook page for a day.

I did a cartoon mural of alien coffee beans attacking the Earth (which was voted Best Bathroom in Nashville) at Bongo Java East. 

I body painted a band for the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine.  Check it out here...




Marvel Studios

Robot Chicken



Fantasy Fest

Rougarou Fest

Texas Bigfoot Conference

Key West Mermaid Festival

New Orleans Burlesque Festival

Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade

Conch Republic Independence Celebration

CAX - California Extreme

Red River Balloon Rally

Buckeye Lake PirateFest

Pagan Pride LA/OC

Memphis in May - The Great Wine Race

Green Fairy Fest


Knott's Scary Farm

Haunted Attractions Network

Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch

Texas Haunters Convention

Black Lagoon Supply Co

Seasonal Entertainment Magazine

4 Seasonal Trends


Rascal Flatts


 The Parrot Magazine

Orlando Weekly

Memphis Magazine

Memphis Downtowner Magazine

Lifeway Publications

Pop Up Times

Nashville Parent



The Tennessean

Business Nashville

AmericanTRI Magazine

American Health & Fitness Magazine

Country Weekly Magazine


Knott's Berry Farm


Beale Street / Performa

Key West Trading Company

Absinthe House Key West
Key West Absinthe Society

Las Vegas Shakespeare Company

   Desert Creations

Bongo Java (East)

Theresa's Old Fashioned Dill Pickle Dip

Bubblegum Banjo

Best Intention Greeting Cards   


NCS Divisional Nominee 2023.jpeg

2023: National Cartoonists Society (NCS) Divisional Award Nominee for Advertising & Product Illustration.

2022: Society of Illustrators Los Angeles - Illustration West 60 Selected Artist

2021: National Cartoonists Society (NCS) Divisional Award Nominee for Advertising & Product Illustration.

2020 : Fantasy Fest Poster Contest Winner


2019 : Fantasy Fest Poster Contest Winner


2019 : Fantasy Fest Shirt Contest Winner

 ---- 2002-2018 : (Break in illustration work while working in a different art medium) ----

2001 : Bathroom Mural at Bongo Java East voted Coolest Bathroom in Nashville, TN

2001 : Second Best Literacy Idea in the NIE Awards for 
   "Sacagawea's Journey" - A Serialized Story illustrated by Pashur.

2000 : Voted Best Nashville Illustrator by Sensored Magazine

1997 : Received six awards for Flumpa CD Cover illustration

1996 : The Award of Excellence for Production Visuals on “Rusty Rockets Last Blast"

1993 : Communigraphics Award for Package Design



​​​"We LOVE it!!!  The artwork is perfect!!! ... You are the best!!! ... Your work is beautiful!"
- Jonathan Foret, Rougarou Fest Organizer


​“I would recommend his work to anyone and I am using him again now and will again in the future.”
- Theresa's Old Fashioned Dill Pickle Dip


"DAMN YOU and yer fucking awesome cat design.... I told myself I’m not buying things this week. But I need some of those stickers and a poster.... sigh. Totally love it".
- An awesome Massachusetts resident


"Oh I like this so much better than the original." 
- Karen Schuld (regarding Conch Republic Seal and Flag design)


“We love what you have been doing with the cards - we think you are a natural. Pashur- thanks for all your hard work- you obviously have a ton of talent and Regina and I are so grateful that you have taken on this project. You are the right man for this job.  Many thanks.”
- Betsy Sheehy, Best Intentions Greeting Cards


"Pashur man, you have risen above like no other. We're all very happy to have you on board, and we sure couldn't have done it without you. Even the big boss came down from his ivory tower to tell me to keep going to you. So give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it."
- Matt




Love my art so much you want to marry it?  Want bonus images of my work?  How about be a patron of the arts?  Then check out my PATREON page where you will find sweet, sweet perks!!  There you will find...

Sketches of designs I am working on.

Sneak Peeks & Works In Progress

Behind the Scenes / Pics from the Studio

Alternate Versions of the Art

Monthly Fun Things to Download

Poll Participation

Monthly Q&A

News & Updates on my Art Projects

Sketch vs Final Art.jpg

Support Pashur and the Arts on PATREON at:




I sketch the design.  You approve the sketch.  I ink and color the design digitally.  I send you high rez art in all of it’s glory! You then pay me quickly.  None of that "it takes 60 days to pay you" nonsense.​ 

Once you get the sketch, I will do one alteration at no charge if needed in the sketch stage. Any additional alterations - or if you change direction with the design - there is an additional fee.  This is pretty standard.


Rates vary per project so contact me for a quote.​ Factors include...

- What is the project for? (Example: A magazine, poster or billboard, etc.)​

- How many illustrations do you need?

- What is the size of the illustration(s)?

- Is it Black & White, Grayscale or Color?

- How long will it take me to do the project?

- Is this a rush project?


"Zombies, Tacos, Margaritas, Quicksand, Pee Knuckle, Halloween, Latte, Cosplay, New York, Steampunk, Shark, Jester, Chicago Pizza, Bigfoot, Rubber Chicken, Voodoo Donuts, Aquarium, Cartoonist, Kraken, Miami, Mothman, Aquarium, Onomatopoeia, Robots, Hoot, Arcade Games, Green Lantern, Snot Rocket, MerMan, Cryptid, Las Vegas, Eclipse, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Graboids, Pinball, Davros, Sea Monster, Art and Illustration."

- Pashur



March/April 2022: "Tied in Knotts" Tribute Art Show @ Knott's Berry Farm

September/October 2023: Into the Fog Art Show @ Knott's Scary Farm

September/October 2022: Into the Fog Art Show @ Knott's Scary Farm

April 2022: Illustration West 60 Online Exhibition (Society of Illustrators Los Angeles)

March 2022: "Tied in Knotts" Tribute Art Show @ Knott's Berry Farm

Art Shows
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