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2020 Fantasy Fest Poster Artist: Pashur

I designed the official 2020 Fantasy Fest poster. This makes the second year in a row I have the designed the poster for this popular event in Key West. The 2020 Fantasy Fest event was canceled for the first time in 41 years due to COVID-19 safety precautions, but the poster lives on. The poster will surely be a collectors item being that the festival was canceled.

I will be signing this poster at Fantasy Fest 2021.

Want to order one? Order yours at:

The 2020 Fantasy Fest Poster by Artist, Pashur.


"This is beautiful!”

- Keys Weekly

"This is so dope."

- Brandie Sager, Effusion Gallery

“Wow! This is breathtaking!”

- Kat


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Feb 23, 2021


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