I love creating colorful art, illustrations, designs and images.


How did I get started? It's a long and dramatic story that could easily be turned into an EPIC trilogy. 

 But here's the short dull version...

I grew up in the rockin' city Nashville, Tennessee.  I got a four year graphic arts and illustration degree at Memphis College of Art.  In high school and college I drew caricatures at a theme park called Opryland.  I was the art director of a planetarium and the International Airport in Nashville. I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years.  I now reside in Los Angeles, finding endless inspiration online while chugging coffee.



My name is from the Bible.  Apparently he was a bad guy.

I once taught a caricature workshop in a funeral home.

I once took a potty at the Vatican.

I was rescued off of a Caribbean island by drug lords.  They gave me beer.

When I was a kid, I walked in on a burglar in my home.

My former college roommate is a zombie on The Walking Dead.

I drew caricatures at Disney for 3 months.  I hated it.  I quit. 

I went to high school with Johnny Cash's son.

The guy who invented the game Q*Bert entertains me with magic tricks at the Magic Castle.

I got married in the Redwood Forest.  You might know it as the Moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi.

I took over Depeche Mode's facebook page for a day.

My cat's nickname is Furry Fartknocker.

I did a cartoon mural of alien coffee beans attacking the Earth (which was voted Best Bathroom in Nashville) at Bongo Java East. 

I body painted a band for the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine.

Check it out here...   www.canvasalive.com 


2020 : Fantasy Fest Poster Contest Winner


2019 : Fantasy Fest Poster Contest Winner


2019 : Fantasy Fest Shirt Contest Winner

 ---- 2002-2018 : (Break in illustration work) ----

2001 : Bathroom Mural at Bongo Java East was voted Coolest Bathroom in Nashville, TN

2001 : Second Best Literacy Idea in the NIE Awards for 
   "Sacagawea's Journey" - A Serialized Story illustrated by Pashur 

2000 : Voted Best Nashville Illustrator by Sensored Magazine

1997 : Received six awards for Flumpa CD Cover illustration

1996 : The Award of Excellence for Production Visuals on “Rusty Rockets Last Blast"

1993 : Communigraphics Award for Package Design



"Zombies, Tacos, Margaritas, Quicksand, Pee Knuckle, Halloween, Latte, Cosplay, New York, Steampunk, Shark, Jester, Chicago Pizza, Bigfoot, Rubber Chicken, Voodoo Donuts, Aquarium, Kraken, Miami, Mothman, Aquarium, Onomatopoeia, Robots, Hoot, Arcade Games, Green Lantern, Snot Rocket, MerMan, Crytozoology, Las Vegas, Eclipse, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Graboids, Pinball, Davros, Art and Illustration."

- Pashur



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