National Black Cat Day

August 17, 2020

It's National Black Cat Day AND Massachusetts Day AND Halloween is coming up so I thought I would design some posters with some Black Cat and Salem, Massachusetts vibes!


Snag some Halloween art featuring Pashur's black cat design at:

Black Cat

A modernized take on the vintage Halloween cat.  It's purrrfect for the Halloween season, or you know, every day.

You can also purchase a sticker, mug, t-shirt and/or leggings with this art on it at:

Please note: Your laptop will not look complete until this black cat sticker is on it.

Happy Halloween - Vintage Mode

This vintage theme design conjures up Halloween of old.  What pumpkin carving selfie is complete without you sporting this shirt?

12x18 Poster - If you want one, send me an email. 

You can also purchase a sticker, mug and/or t-shirt with this art on it at:

Happy Halloween - Dark Mode

A Halloween poster featuring my black cat design done in vintage Halloween colors, but darker.  This poster pairs well with a bowl of peanut butter kisses taffy (you know, that black and orange wrapped Halloween candy).

12x18 Poster - If you want one, send me an email. 


You can also purchase a sticker and/or mug with this art on it at:


A black cat poster with a mystical tarot card style design which captures the Witch City vibes of Salem, Massachusetts.

12x18 Poster - If you want one, send me an email. 

Add a splash of Halloween magic to your morning coffee or tea ritual with this Salem design on a mug! It's also available as a sticker at:

Happy Halloween - Halloween Night!

Who's ready for Halloween? Me too! But who's ready for Halloween with this poster on their wall? Better hurry and snag one!


12x18 Poster - If you want one, send me an email

You can also purchase a sticker and/or mug with this art on it at:

Spell 1031 - The Halloween Spell

Wrap yourself up with this super soft and cozy all-over sublimation towel, with a list of witchy ingredients sure to bring out some hocus pocus for moon bathers!   This 62 x 32 inch Beach Towel is available for purchase at:

Black Cat Society

Own this 12 x 18 poster and officially be a part of the exclusive and secret Black Cat Society that I completely made up when I designed this poster.  I am sure there are real Black Cat Societies out there, but this one is not it!  This society has one function only and it is to hang this poster framed on their wall with a fine matte, preferably over a mantle or over some cheap Halloween novelty items!  Join the Black Cat Society today and own this print!  Society members meet once every 50 years, in secret, to discuss where they hung their Black Cat Society print.

12x18 Poster - If you want one, send me an email

You can also purchase a sticker and/or mug with this art on it at:


"DAMN YOU and yer fucking awesome cat design.... I told myself I’m not buying things this week. But I need some of those stickers and a poster.... sigh. Totally love it".

- An awesome Massachusetts resident



It's never too late to adopt a black cat (or any cat or dog).

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